a successful club ... starts at our parent help

Without parent support and help it is impossible for our club to run successfully and your children to have full engagement in the sport and the committee wishes to stress the importance of parents becoming involved in your children's sport.

Please don’t wait to be asked – Come forward and offer your assistance to help keep the centre running effectively.  Ways you can help include:

set up / pack up

Setting up involves arriving early and putting out the equipment, shade tents and age baskets for the day’s activities.   The club organises a roster for aiding in the setup by age group to guide you which is publlished in the weekly newsletter.


As the events finish all parents should help put the equipment away. To get started on time please offer your assistance on arrival to put out any equipment or help put up the shade tents. We have over 20 shade tents to put up and down each week

age group marshall

The Age Marshall looks after each age group by walking them to each event and recording the athlete’s performance on the recording sheet. At the end of the day, the Age Marshal fills in the athletes recording tickets. Most athletes enjoy having their parents act as Age Marshal at least once during the season and by taking on this responsibility you will see your child participate in all events during the day.

age group helper

Each field event requires numerous helpers to ensure it's successful running.  This includes event chiefs, spikers, fetchers, recorders, rakers, bar lifters.  Get involved - it is a great way to view your child's performace up close.

It has been proven that parents that get involved with their kids sport will give them the confidence and support to be their best.