being your best ... coaching at the sharks

Coaching of athletes involves the building core strengh and the development of technique. 


For young athletes, the building of core stength is critical. Without that core strength the ability to learn and develop new motor skills is limited.  Young bodies must also be ready to accept some conditioning. It is for this reason that Little Athletics recommends that athletes under the age of nine do not engage in conditioning exercises & training. General physical activities during play time at

school and at home are enough for their bodies.

our coaches

Springwood Sharks has a mission to ensure our athletes can 'be their best'.

We have a number of qualified coaches that are involved in the weekly competition days (just look for the green shirts).  

We also have a coaching team that operate free sessions on weekdays including :

Tracy Tuia - head coach

Spencer Herft

Gavin Hunter - sprints coach


We also have an arrangement with coaches offering reduced fees training including:

Emily Hancock - Junior Sprint Squad

Tony Baker - Level 4 middle and long distance coach

when do we train

Please become part of the Springwood Sharks Facebook group to be kept up to date on changes to training schedules and weather cancellations.


The 2019-2020 season training schedule will  resume @ 26 September 2019







athlete information form

Parents please sit with your child and fill out the attached form and either email it to or hand it in at your first training session